Use Local SMS To Avoid Text Scams And Prevent Criminals From Breaking Into Your Phone

Use Local SMS To Avoid Text Scams And Prevent Criminals From Breaking Into Your Phone

Carelessly giving out your phone number to every website and system that asks for it is a recipe for disaster. So much of your life is attached to your phone and you are literally one SMS away from ruining everything. Why would you put your data at risk by using your personal phone number for apps and services? It’s better to protect yourself by using a local SMS number provided by Receive SMS. This way, your personal information will never be at risk. If you aren’t aware of how text scams work, let’s take a quick look at how scam artists use SMS to access and ruin your life. 

iCloud SMS Scams Wont Work If You’re Using A Free Local SMS

This type of scam has been recently growing in popularity. The goal is to trick users into giving up their iCloud password. Once a scam artist has access to your iCloud account, they can take advantage of all your stored passwords and anything else you have on your phone. These scams work by leveraging phishing tactics where you think it’s Apple sending you a text message, but in reality, it’s not. 

Once you give your information, it’s all over and you’re as good as ruined. One way you can take steps to protect yourself is by not saving your passwords in your iCloud account. In the event that you are hacked, the scammer would have no additional information to access your banking apps. 

Prevent Two-Factor Authentication Scams

Companies have initiated Two-Factor Authentication to protect their users from having their password stolen. However, in an attempt to get around this, many scam artists are using a well-known trick to fool you. It works like this. You’ll receive a text message from a company that’s pretending to be Google, PayPal or another service. They will send a message that says, we’ve detected some unusual activity on your account, to verify your identity, please send us the SMS verification code you are about to receive. Once you text them the code, they are in and you are out of luck. 

These are two of the most popular ways that scam artists leverage SMS text messages to gain access to your accounts. Think about how much you use your phone in today’s world. You are practically on your phone all day, every day. You can take one step towards protecting yourself by avoiding any unusual requests to share your passwords and SMS verification codes. Also, don’t forget to always use a local SMS from Receive SMS to protect yourself. 

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