SMS Text Messages & The Ultimate Formula For Protecting Your Online Identity 

SMS Text Messages & The Ultimate Formula For Protecting Your Online Identity 

Maintaining your online anonymity isn’t rocket science. By combining tactics with free SMS text messages, you can assemble a fool-proof strategy for staying 100% anonymous online. Keep in mind that each of these tools each does something very specific. Therefore, they must be used in conjunction with each other to stay 100% anonymous. Let’s get started. 

Dedicated VPN

Always go for a dedicated VPN over a shared VPN. A dedicated VPN will provide you with a static IP address that is unique to you. That means, no one else will also be using the same IP. When you opt for the cheaper, shared IP, you are sharing that IP address with multiple users and opening yourself up to potential security risks. Additionally, a dedicated IP is much less likely to be blacklisted or banned. 

Disposable SMS Text Message Phone Number

Now that you have your dedicated IP address set up for your country of choice, you can get a local SMS text message phone number from the same country. Head over to Receive SMS and pick your free local SMS phone number to start verifying authorization codes from your country of choice. Once you have access to a dedicated IP and a disposable SMS phone number, you are almost ready to be 100% anonymous. 

Mac Address Changer 

Your device’s MAC address is specific to your device. It is assigned by the manufacturer and each device is given a specific address. This information is often collected when browsing the web. Therefore, to completely remain anonymous, you must change it. It’s not something difficult to do. All you need to do is find a Mac address changer and download it to your mobile or desktop device. When you’re ready, turn it on and there you go.  So now you have a dedicated IP, SMS text message number and a mac address changer. What more do you need?

Secure Email Client Combined With Free SMS Text Message Number

If you think you’ll be sending emails, you must work through a secure email client. Email servers like Gmail and outlook record massive amounts of information on their users. Therefore, if you are trying to remain anonymous, you must use a secure email client like ProtonMail or CounterMail. Don’t forget to use your free SMS text message number to verify your account. 

Encrypted File Sharing Program

When sending data across the web, it’s important to stay secure. If you want to hide your location and identity, then only work with an encrypted file-sharing program like MegaUpload and many others. These free file sharing systems allow you to send large files anonymously, without having to worry about being tracked. 

Encrypted Chat Program 

The last thing on your list to get is an encrypted chat program. If you want to remain anonymous, don’t send sensitive messages through standard channels like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. You need to think ahead of the curve and work through an end to end encrypted chat programs like ChatCrypt and ChatSecure. Also, never authenticate your account with your real number. Use a free SMS text message number from Receive SMS

It All Starts With A FREE SMS Text Message Number

Now you have a complete formula for how to remain 100% anonymous online. Don’t forget to always verify your authentication codes using a FREE SMS text message number to protect yourself. 

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